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As such, in the light of this definition, the assumption that Bitcoin indeed is a medium becomes more evident, as it remediates two clearly distinct artefacts.What are some examples of a good thesis statement for a research.

Because Bitcoin is simple at its core, it creates opportunity for and supports innovation at what Antonopoulos refers to as the edge.The purpose of this medium was simply to record, store and transmit information, and it materialized as papyrus, clay tablets, etc.

The first crypto coin was Bitcoin. Crypto Capital: My Cryptocurrency Fund Thesis.

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This chapter, in conjunction with the previous, serves the purpose of outlining a framework from within to ask guided, secondary research questions that might assist in answering the primary, main research question.Despite being of little relevance to this thesis, the media-hyped concept of mining bitcoins warrants some explanation.This explosion of evolution-like development based on Bitcoin as progenitor is part of the phenomenon, but discussing all the resulting technologies become unproductive, instead understanding the architecture and thus the commonalities and relations between these innovations and Bitcoin can be achieved.

In even more recent history, Chinese government failed at censoring the Hong Kong demonstrations in 2014.This perspective is not unlike that of McLuhan (1964), who believes that media technologies continuously create new human environments and that these environments are dynamically evolving with our culture (p. 21). Despite this, it is important to note that the McLuhanite theses are considered to be grounded in technological determinism according to Lister et al. (2009, p. 329).

Antonopoulos argues that not a single technology, rather a novel combination of new technologies creates the basis of Bitcoin.As such, Bitcoin can be said to operate and rival conventional financial institutions and established currencies by both remediating form, function and content.

The fact that state institutions acknowledge the impact Bitcoin has and might have is indicative of its disruptive potential, which was described in the previous chapter.The many possible implications of Bitcoin, and applications of blockchain technology in general, defies summary.

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Bitcoin - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Jan. 24,. While I still hold to my main thesis that Bitcoin will.A third party institution, such as a bank, traditionally handles the aforementioned trust and applies the transaction costs.

It is within this continuum and this consideration that Bitcoin is perceived as a disruptive phenomenon, because it is, within this text, seen as radically enhancing this movement towards decentralization.

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It will ultimately become, what the majority of its nodes want it to be.These include the prior mentioned instances directly related to Bitcoin, such as currency exchanges, online wallets and similar services.